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released October 24, 2014



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Two Planets Portland, Oregon

The Portland-based hip-hop band, Two Planets joins four live instrumentalists with, one of the "dopest, most slept-on" MCs in the Northwest, Dusty Fox.

Meshing the conversational spontaneity of jazz with the hard-hitting force of classic and contemporary rap styles, this five man collective is redefining hip-hop’s role in the West.
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Track Name: Quantum Leaps
Simmering sentences sending sentiment high synonyms for sinning spinning senator wild centering my senses on the sight of someone sending her energy and sighting a smile my eyes wide incited riots in confinement while the temperature warms I’m off that bomb ganj grown on a farm it come on strong like a Don Juan good good call it bon bon breaking barriers and condoms making leaps like they're quantum feeling grander than your mom’s mom Richie Cunning going HAM with the Fonz gone I’m on one third eye wide on Burnside high I’m eating wonton constant lies back bites drama I don't want none smashing stashing fives and marijuana trying to see some commas in my corner all I got is quarters so if I see the court its “no regrets your honor”

12 bridges criss-crossing contaminants cold watery wake where the salmon swim plans exist demanding existential standards with commissioned living pushing cannabis randomness in all that happens for a reason understander through analysis and pattern meanings scattered dreaming replication duplication through this shallow breathing meditation take it in then release the feeling these attachments that I’m living in don’t give my filling I’m as empty as my bank account how revealing all these loans that I’ve taken out amount to stealing never intended to repay them I’m not even willing so I’m living in debt compounding interest never live with regress they’re going un-assessed un-invest demanded numbers just from running stress convinced that under duress I might just find success I might just find it man.
Track Name: Cut The Strings (Ft. Chris Riedl)
Too attracted to my habits it seems always stacking up the matches while the battery drains all that cannabis and acid can’t be good for the brain got a scholarship to class and didn't pass when it came passed due passenger train plateaus and impasses are a part of the game we can pray for the martyrs and go hard in their names but they still got taken away so maintain so plain Cobain no-names Northwest low-lifes no fame no gain Coltrane with a swoll vein blow brains cold rain with the cord cut so clean Monet gold paint no frame soul train all off the tracks what a bold shame fuck that man we’re getting it in and we sure wont stop ‘till the lesson is lived it goes…

I might be lost in assumptions again in the fog of a blunt and a hash oil pen another sawed-off summer getting blasted to bits with a lock jaw under utter influences it goes running numbers hundreds and fifths eighths and quarters just to subsist off the border under the fence getting high like mortars acid blotter I’m blessed drinking car wash water role model to kids when the mottos “go harder” than the harder it gets on a door stop lost all in a bottle of gin Clark Kent but can’t remember who the fuck that he is be a lost cause anyway getting it in got a band in the shed and we’re blessing this shit plus the con-jobs on when the column is penned and we sure don’t quit till we see it in ink its like

Its never gonna stop until you cut the strings fade away, its never gonna stop until you cut the strings and fade….

Track Name: Friday Stereo
Remember times of the Friday Stereo getting high lighting flight like harrier 7 5/8ths cap is the Mariner Griffey 5950 the spliff would tear me up 16 and the tolerance was low sipping mixed drink steaming all the Cali in the bowl was drifting and I couldn't wait to go hit the road just be gone find a different life to know though so where is home oh well what a question Northwestin’ never open to suggestion interested in investing in these blessings in a message received I see the sentence man 16 years is what you getting and it cause depression 16 beers to stomach all the questions disappeared writing for remembrance penance is the pen(itentiary) and penmanship has painted vivid sketches in a sentence near the margin told you “keep your senses” in the presence of Allah you told me “keep my distance” now in instances of debt I’m always second guessing stressing over rent when on the precipice of making records and if I make it all depends on if I face the pressure blazing overplayed and lately patience doesn't even measure placing faith in the pavement and the plays I’m getting bathing in the rays of the basement where I made these bangers pessimistic under pay-dirt you lame simple and plain (plane) you probably gain a hangar optimistic off the radar I’m only playing these games because you paid admission shit I mean attention on a regular regimen but it gets repetitive and yet I need to mention eat work rhyme sleep and save the rhetoric elements all went mellow who staying relevant?

Track Name: The Way
Land Dweller third planet herb planting leaf to the seed sold on the street standing beats standing back behind a register trying to remember what they’re ordering for breakfast or dealing with a customer that had a bad day and takes it out on you just because you’re in the way minimum wage pay got you late on all your bills wide you could escape ‘cause lately stuck is what you feel custom wheels is busting out the TV but you bussing still plus the meal you eating don't leave nothing filled weekends full of work can test your will no time to testify to rest or build a lot of questions got you stressing never get revealed leaves you with a flustered feel your best is not enough it never was or will be so you peel blunts filthy and fill trees to feel free open up new possibilities you will be

Land dweller first world third planet its where you're at not where you're from so where I’m standing is many feet due east of the Willamette in the city of the bridges, good weed and entertainment roses, Voodoo Donuts, Jantzen Beach and fermentation a caucasian landed in the land of occupation landed in the borders of a sovereign nation once in hands of native populations now its Ronald Reagan economics 2nd generation Ron McDonald slaving occupation taxes raising no funding for space stations or for education theres a war thats waiting for some bullets for some bodies so we’re paying my homie in the army tote a shotty spray it human cost amazing people meeting makers Allah and God adults and babies man its crazy loosing out humanity and nothing can repay it fuck it

So let the wind flip pages wisdom of the sages visions of the ages its been a minute with these labors back breaking brick laying road paving takes patience my occupations necessitation is meditation visitation inspiration that ain’t vacation been more like slaving scraping praying ancient information contemplation so where you're staying and how you make ends don’t mean shit all that matters what you're saying how you say it if you mean it can you back it up when the task is tough had enough and love is leaving? When blunt ash is piling up on the kitchen table zig-zags a cut corner and amiss in label fifth of fatal computer speakers with the twisted cable twisting sipping ‘till unstable get a grip let knowledge save you and fly away when skies are grey devise and pray let the music play make the most of today and find a way

Track Name: Precipice
et it be let it go what you see? What you know? Back at home on the road when the last note mains in a sad song just let it go… I’ve been stressed more or the less on an edge precipice taking a test I won’t pass vexed rolling a spliff to take drags mad all in the lab to make ends with the math motherfucker give it all that I have backpack all summer with the rattle of cans battling back pieces and occasional tags born in a daze someday I’ll be gone in a flash well always never lasts forever I learned that long days with the nasty weather we burn that saw the future and past through the patterns and paths blowing hash to relax not getting past where I’m at while the time frame closes and the scavengers laugh while the mind frame opens and the calendars crack I do not feel hopeless knowing right whereI’m at with my focus intact and my eyes on the path it goes…

Load the weed in a bowl without ashing first grasses turn crash and burn mass-effect gassing up passing on the factions that be blasting out the passenger my taxes kill the planet through the passage of sadomasochist advantages for cash and blood never setting the standard man we’re catching up irrational as the plan is kid no challengers so what the masses see now what the masses want? half of us in a bind we’re only deaf and dumb the other half going blind we’re acting brash and numb I feel like two-in-one mash them up last to front I’m only spit tin this line because they back me up we’re hoping you move thats what the musics for and helping choose is what the movement does fuck all the foolishness improve it thats the brutal truth get to the root of a solution more and be the troubadour 

Track Name: Hit The Lights
Man last days spent in a basement race calendars break neck minimum wages the same challenges paycheck whittled away the weight balances dust then settles and stays we break promises bold face brutal and flagrant lie anyways highways crossing the lanes these great interstates impact moments away the breaks then engage our dreams never collided we’re better when awake I can’t live the regret of standing in your way and can’t ever forget the past doesn't change chose to stand in the rain so I could grow again and chose my plan of escape I couldn't stay the same chose to fan all these flames so I could blow away smoke and haze hope and pray we both see better days slowly regaining focus I chose my getaway through fields of flowers and locusts to keep regret at bay

He goes downtown where they drink all night, he goes downtown only out of spite…

So sick of this being tired so tired of being sick drivers license expired I’ll still be driving stick foresaw the fall of empire built upon bloodied fists and saw the stars shying brighter when I went off the grid I’ve been appalled with these liars in-line with politics and been a part of the virus in buying Nike kicks supported tyrants and vikings and chose to ride the fence then took my lumps lying down although in my defense and eye-for-eye makes us blind and thats just common sense fuck the shit man I’mma ride until I finally rest if I’m just living to die decisions life and death if I’m just willing to buy whatever I’ve been fed and I’m not siding with truth I’m lying when I spit then I aint really alive I’m dying while I live if I’m not ready to ride and on the sid eI sit, then this don't mean shit and I wont mean shit

He goes downtown where they drink all night aight he goes downtown only out of spite…Summer trippin’ hit the lights bag it up or let it cry even thinking trippy like drag her out or watch her fly…